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Knife Cutlery Tidioute 14

New Clip Blade 14 Lick Creek Boys Knives

(#14 Tidioute Cutlery Lick Creek Boys Knives in O.D. Green Linen Micarta & Antique Amber Jigged Bone) Available In Stay up to date by following our production photos and much more over at _____________________________________________ For the Largest Selection of Great Eastern Cutlery Pocket Knives Please Contact One of Our Many Distributors.

Navy Knife

#15 Navy Knife

(#15 Tidioute Cutlery Navy Knife in Cocobolo Wood) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Red Linen Micarta Cola Jigged Bone Cocobolo Gabon Ebony Dark Brown Jigged Bone (SFO AAPK) _____________________ SFO: Charlie Campagna Northfield UN-X-LD  Antique Yellow Jigged Bone Antique Amber Jigged Bone Cranberry Jigged Bone _____________________ SFO: American Fighting Ship Knives Lone Star 1877 Barque Elissa Damascus Steel […]

38 Pattern John Chapman Farmers Jack

(#38 Tidioute Cutlery John Chapman  in Maroon Linen Micarta) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Dusk Jigged Bone Jigged Brazilian Cherry Maroon Linen Micarta O.D. Green Linen Micarta Brown Camel Bone (SFO Northfield UN-X-LD  (Campagna SFO) African Blackwood Cranberry Pick Bone Antique Amber Pick Bone Northfield UN-X-LD  (Fry SFO) Antique Yellow Pick Bone Gabon Ebony Smooth Bone […]

Barlow Pocket Knives

Sheepfoot TC Barlow

(#15 Tidioute Cutlery Sawyer Barlow Pocket Knives Antique Yellow Jigged Bone) The newest run of the Tidioute Cutlery Sawyer Barlow features the Sheepfoot blade, available with single or pen blade secondary. As with all runs of TC Barlows these will only be available for purchase at select distributors or directly through Charlie Campagna by email at […]

Northfield Pocket Knives

New 77 Pattern / Jacks & Barlows

#77 Washington Jack Knives in Autumn Gold Bone Yet another new pattern is rolling through production here at GEC. This time its the #77, its a sleaveboard pattern similar to the Boys Knife but slightly larger. This run is a combination many several private and special factory orders with first already going out the door […]

Pocket Knife Barlow

TC Barlow

(#15 Tidioute Cutlery One-Arm Barlow Pocket Knives in African Blackwood & Rust Red Sawcut Bone) The ever popular TC Barlow makes its inevitable return! This SFO from Charlie Campagna features the One-Arm blade in both a single blade configuration as well as with a secondary pen blade. Along with these new barlows we are also rerunning […]

Pocket Knives Northfield

#48 Diamond Jack Pocket Knives

Available In   Northfield UN-X-LD Old Tan Jigged Bone Blood Red Jigged Bone _____________________________________________ Diamond Jack Pocket Knives are a Special Factory Order. Pricing and purchasing information may be obtained by contacting Mr. Charlie Campagna at