77 Pattern

New 77 Pattern / Jacks & Barlows

Northfield Pocket Knives

#77 Washington Jack Knives in Autumn Gold Bone

Yet another new pattern is rolling through production here at GEC. This time its the #77, its a sleaveboard pattern similar to the Boys Knife but slightly larger. This run is a combination many several private and special factory orders with first already going out the door to Blade Forums. The second group is of the ones pictured above, which are a part of the Charlie Campagna SFO. The third group will be a run of Northfield UN-X-LD Barlows built off this frame going to Mike Latham of CollectorKnives.  Production photos of both Charlies and Mikes jobs can be seen over at GreatEasternCutlery.Net or by clicking here and here, respectively. Then finally we are finishing it up with a regular production run of Tidioute Jack Knives with the standard bolsters. Thats a lot to take in so keep reading below for more details.

Tidioute Cutlery
Antique Autumn Sawcut Bone
Ebony Wood
Sunbright Acrylic
Northfield UN-X-LD Washington Jack
Campagna SFO
Smooth Polished Stag
Smooth Blood Red Bone
Smooth Autumn Gold Bone
Gabon Ebony
Cocobolo Wood
Northfield UN-X-LD Barlow
Latham SFO
African Blackwood
LVS Abilone
Red Camel Bone
Pioneer Bone
Sawcut Chestnut Bone

Enquiries for the Washington Jack can be sent to Charlie Campagna via email and for the Barlows you can go on over to Lastly, the Tidioute knives can be found in all the usual places.



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