15 Pattern

TC Barlow

Pocket Knife Barlow

(#15 Tidioute Cutlery One-Arm Barlow Pocket Knives in African Blackwood & Rust Red Sawcut Bone)

The ever popular TC Barlow makes its inevitable return! This SFO from Charlie Campagna features the One-Arm blade in both a single blade configuration as well as with a secondary pen blade. Along with these new barlows we are also rerunning the Clip Blade versions, which will also be available in single or two blade.

This run of TC Barlows can be purchased from a handful of our authorized distributors as well as directly from Charlie Campagna by email at

Also Available In

Tidioute Cutlery (One-Arm)
Rust Red Sawcut Bone
Chestnut Sawcut Bone
African Blackwood
Tidioute Cutlery (Clip)
3rd Cut Stag
Red Jigged Bone


Great Eastern Cutlery Pocket Knives can be Purchased by Contacting One of Our

Many Distributors, Ordering Direct from the Factory at 814-827-3411, or through

our Online Store.