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Stockyard Whittler

Available In Tidioute Cutlery Burnt Sienna Jigged Bone Osage Orange Wood Grits w/ Butter & Molasses Acrylic Northfield UN-X-LD Snakewood Bloodwood Stag Jigged Bone (TBD)  

Pocket Knife Tidioute

93 Pattern RamFoot

Available In Tidioute Cutlery Oily Creek Bone Natural Canvas Micarta Northfield UN-X-LD Cocobolo Wood Antique Autumn Jigged Bone  

12 Pattern Toothpick

Available In Tidioute Cutlery Aqua Camel Bone Che Chen Rosewood Northfield UN-X-LD Copperhead Pony Cut Jigged Bone Stag  

Tidioute Pocket Knife

06 Pemberton Pocket Knives

(#06 Northfield UN-X-LD Pemberton in Stag)  The Pemberton is being produced as a Single Blade Wharncliffe and as a Two Blade Spear Primary / Sheepfoot Secondary   Available Handle Options for Both Blade Configurations Tidioute Cutlery Dark Blue Jigged Bone Muslin Micarta Northfield UN-X-LD Smooth White Bone Stag   Stay up to date by following […]

Tidioute Knife

Bullet End Jack

(#85 Tidioute Cutlery Bullet End Jack in Smooth Rotten Banana Bone) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Rotten Banana Bone Salmon Acrylic Jigged Brazilian Cherry Northfield UN-X-LD  (Collector Knives SFO) Polished Stag Tiger Maple Wood Frontier Dyed Buffalo Bone Blood Red Jigged Bone African Blackwood Stay up to date by following our production photos and much more […]

Pocket Knife Tidioute

Calf Roper Stockman

(#66 Tidioute Cutlery Calf Roper in Gabon Ebony) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Antique Autumn Jigged Bone Gabon Ebony O.D. Green Canvas Micarta Desert Ironwood (SFO TheKnifeConnection) Northfield UN-X-LD  Dark Chestnut Peach Seed Jigged Bone (SFO Smokey Mountain) Oily Creek Bone (SFO CollectorKnives) Smooth Autumn Gold Bone (SFO DLT Trading) Blue Camel Bone (SFO KnivesShipFree) Blood […]

Pocket Knife 38

.38 Special Single Blade Jack Knife

(#38 Tidioute Cutlery .38 Special in Red Linen Micarta) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Tractor Green Jigged Bone Mexican Bocote Wood Red Linen Micarta Northfield UN-X-LD  Jigged Bone (Color TBD) Green Abalone L.G. Stag Stay up to date by following our production photos and much more over at _____________________________________________ For the Largest Selection of Great […]

Tidioute Knives

54 Big Jacks

(#54 Tidioute Cutlery Big Jack in Cougar Clawed Jigged Bone & Jigged Brazilian Cherry) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Red River Acrylic Jigged Brazilian Cherry Cougar Clawed Bone Oily Creek Bone (SFO Desert Ironwood (SFO Muslin Micarta (SFO  Single Spear Blade (SFO Northfield UN-X-LD Snakewood Smooth Appaloosa Bone Blood Red Jigged Bone […]

Viper Pocket Knives

#47 GEC Viper Pocket Knives with Elk Handles The 47 Viper was a new pattern for us just earlier this year. Now only months later we’ve had to rerun this knife to due to the large number of requests we received as these quickly became sparse. For those of you who often have difficulty deciding […]

Pocket Knives

The 15 Boys Knife is Back

#15 Tidioute Cutlery Huckleberry Boys Pocket Knives in Rust Red Jigged Bone After finishing up the 15 Barlow Knives we have once again followed them up with our equally popular Huckleberry Boys Knives. These knives come with the usual handle options, listed below. You also will have several choices when it comes to blade configuration: […]