66 Pattern

Calf Roper Stockman

Pocket Knife Tidioute

(#66 Tidioute Cutlery Calf Roper in Gabon Ebony)

Available In

Tidioute Cutlery
Antique Autumn Jigged Bone
Gabon Ebony
O.D. Green Canvas Micarta
Desert Ironwood (SFO TheKnifeConnection)
Northfield UN-X-LD 
Dark Chestnut Peach Seed Jigged Bone (SFO Smokey Mountain)
Oily Creek Bone (SFO CollectorKnives)
Smooth Autumn Gold Bone (SFO DLT Trading)
Blue Camel Bone (SFO KnivesShipFree)
Blood Red Jigged Bone (SFO TraditionalPocketKnives)
Hemlock Green Jigged Bone
Tortoise Shell Acrylic

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66 Pattern

#66 Red River Acrylic Pocket Knives

pocket knives acrylic

(#66 Tidioute Cutlery Calf Roper Jack & Calf Roper Slim Pocket Knives in Red River Acrylic)

The 66 is a very popular pattern for us, in particular the 66 Jack knife. We decided to rerun this pattern for those who missed out on the last run and throw in a new version while we were at it. The Calf Roper Slim features a muskrat clip and a pen blade in very small package. Both measure at 3 1/2 closed and will be offered in the following handle materials…

As of May 30th most Tidioute versions will be on their way to distributors, Northfield UN-X-LD 66’s will start shipping beginning of June.

Also Available In

Tidioute Cutlery
Purple Sage Jigged Bone
Gabon Ebony Wood
Grey Pearl Acrylic
Red River Acrylic
Rust Red Sawcut Bone (Slim Version Only)
Northfield UN-X-LD
Garnet Jigged Bone
Cocobolo Wood
Mammoth Bark Ivory (SFO Only)
Smooth Yellow Rose Bone (SFO Only)


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