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New Farm & Field Tool Calf Pen

(#35 Farm & Field Calf Pen in Nifebright Acrylic)   Available In Farm & Field Tool Orange Delrin Black Linen Micarta Nifebright Acrylic O.D. Green Linen Micarta Stay up to date by following our production photos and much more over at GreatEasternCutlery.net _____________________________________________ For the Largest Selection of Great Eastern Cutlery Pocket Knives Please Contact One […]

Pocket Knives

#18 Beagle Pocket Knives

(#18 Tidioute Cutlery Beagle in Oil Sucker Rod Wood) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Cola Jigged Bone Oil Sucker Rod Wood Red Linen Micarta Runaway Beagle Acrylic Yellow Camel Bone (SFO: KnivesShipFree) Northfield UN-X-LD  Green Bottle Glass Jigged Bone Cocobolo Wood Stag Natural Canvas Micarta (SFO: Collector Knives) Stay up to date by following our production photos and much more over at […]

38 Pattern John Chapman Farmers Jack

(#38 Tidioute Cutlery John Chapman  in Maroon Linen Micarta) Available In Tidioute Cutlery Dusk Jigged Bone Jigged Brazilian Cherry Maroon Linen Micarta O.D. Green Linen Micarta Brown Camel Bone (SFO Kniveshipfree.com) Northfield UN-X-LD  (Campagna SFO) African Blackwood Cranberry Pick Bone Antique Amber Pick Bone Northfield UN-X-LD  (Fry SFO) Antique Yellow Pick Bone Gabon Ebony Smooth Bone […]

Tidioute Pocket Knife

Sheepfoot Boys Knife

(#15 Tidioute Cutlery Huckleberry Boys Knife in Nifebright Acrylic) The newest run of the Tidioute Cutlery Huckleberry Boys Knife features the Sheepfoot blade, available with single or pen blade secondary. Many of these have already been shipped to distributors and are currently available for purchase. The remaining handles, including the SFO, will ship this week (March […]