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New Bull Buster Coming to the Farm & Field Line

Bull Buster Pocket Knife

     The new #21 Bull Buster is working its way through production here at GEC. This new entry in the Farm & Field Tool line is on track to be released in mid October. Those familiar with our Farm & Field knives will immediately recognize the similarities between the Bull Buster and the #71 Bullnose. Our new #21 however, comes in at approximately 8 inches, making the Bull Buster a significantly larger big brother to the #71.

  *Please note that the Bull Buster is made with 1095 Carbon Steel, rather than the 01 Tool Steel used for the #71 Bullnose*


bull buster pocket knife
bull buster pocket knife


 Update 9/26: The Bull Busters began shipping this past week and all handle materials should be avalaible by the first week of October at your favorite GEC distributor. Below are the Bull Buster Pocket Knives pictured with Maroon Linen Micarta.

Farm Field Pocket Knife

Available In

Farm & Field Tool
Orange Delrin
Black Delrin
Nifebright Acrylic
O.D. Green Linen Micarta
Maroon Linen Micarta


Great Eastern Cutlery Pocket Knives can be Purhcased by Contacting One of Our Many Distributors

or by Ordering Direct from the Factory at 814-827-3411