63 Pattern

New #63 Pattern

Available In

Tidioute Cutlery
Blackwater Jigged Bone
Gabon Ebony Wood
Blue Camel Bone (Knivesshipfree SFO )
Sunbright Acrylic
Northfield UN-X-LD 
Smooth Yellow Bone
Chestnut Jigged Bone
Burnt Stag
Natural Stag



Burnt Orange Wave Bone
American Chestnut Wood
American Elk
GEC  (Secondary Descaler/Degorger)
Burnt Orange Wave Bone
Maroon Jigged Micarta
Fish Scale Acrylic
Northfield Templar
Mardi Gras Acrylic
Shark Attack Acrylic
Kryptonite Acrylic

Production of all #63 variations should be completed before the end of January. Please contact your favorite Distributor for purchasing details. Also, be sure to check back for updated pictures.

Enquiries for the Blue Camel Bone versions should be directed towards



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