71 Pattern

#71 Farm & Field Tool Bullnose

Bullnose Pocket Knife

The newest run of the #71 Farm & Field Tool Bullnose should begin shipping to distributors the first week of November. The entire run will take several weeks to complete and folks who are interested in a particular handle option should stay tuned to the blog for daily production updates.


Available In

Farm & Field Tool
Orange Delrin
Black Linen Micarta
Nifebright Acrylic
O.D. Green Linen Micarta
Special Factory Orders
Natural Canvas Micarta
Tortoise Shell Acrylic
Old Hundred Collectibles
Red Linen Micarta
Sunbright Acrylic
Trevor Nicholes

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Great Eastern Cutlery Pocket Knives can be Purhcased by Contacting One of Our Many Distributors

or by Ordering Direct from the Factory at 814-827-3411