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Missouri Trader Lockbacks

#42 Missouri Trader Pocket Knives in American Chestnut We’ve just completed another rerun of the #42┬áMissouri Trader including a run of stainless in our GEC brand. This bunch features some very popular handle materials such as the micartas and smooth yellow bone. American Chestnut was also featured on the GEC’s, pictured above, which has some […]

GEC Pocket Knives

#48 Woodcock Bird Hunters

(#48 Woodcock Bird Hunters in O.D. Green Linen Micarta) The #48 Woodcock is a new twist on the┬ápopular slim dog leg frame. These knives include a muskrat style clip, similar to the one seen on the improved trapper, and a bird hook. For those unfamiliar with a bird hook, its used for gutting small game […]