How We Do It!

"It Takes 200 To Do It Right!"


     Great Eastern Cutlery company was established in August of 2006 in Titusville, PA. Since then we have been proud to be at the forefront of a renaissance in the manufacturing of classic traditional pocket knives, the likes of which has not been seen in over 75 years. We blend a mix of hands on manufacturing processes with a few contemporary machine operations to produce high quality classically designed pocket knives. In just a few short years we have achieved a reputation for craftsmanship and dedication to tradition.

     Most of our employees have been with us from near the beginning and over the years they have become highly skilled in the performance of their craft. Typically, more than 200 individual processes are required to produce a Great Eastern Cutlery pocket knife. Furthermore, we use only the finest materials to build a knife that will look, feel, and perform like an authentic American pocket knife from the late 19th and early 20th century, the golden age of pocket cutlery.

     Our unique company building is not only an excellent facility for the efficient manufacturing of classic pocket knives but is also designed to allow our visitors and customers to come in to tour, view, and watch our craftsmen as they perform many of the hand and machine processes of fabricating, assembling, and finishing of Great Eastern Cutlery knives.


Please enjoy the following tour of our factory recorded recently by Crawford County Outdoors.