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Tidioute is a small town located alongside the Allegheny River not far from Titusville, PA. Unknown to many people is the significant cutlery history of this town from the 1890’s to the 1930’s. Over that short span of years, five separate cutlery manufacturers produced knives that are today sought after by collectors who covet the high quality and rare Tidioute brand knives. Ninety years later, we have brought back the Tidioute name with our Tidioute Cutlery branded classic pocket knives.Much like the original Tidioute Cutlery Co., our new knives have blades made with high quality American made 1095 carbon steel. They are handled with a variety of materials which include the traditional North American cattle bone and ebony wood.Like all Great Eastern knives, the Tidioute Cutlery brand knives are classically styled and of exceptional craftsmanship and quality. They are good enough to collect but were designed with function and performance in mind rather than cosmetic beauty. We have intentionally manufactured them for those individuals who need a tough and durable pocket knife to carry and use on a daily basis. Ounce for ounce, we feel they are the best buy of any traditional pocket knife made in the USA today.When you pull out your pocket knife, it should say Tidioute Cutlery.


Tidioute Cutlery Knives are proudly made with 1095 Carbon Steel. Learn more about what you can do to care for carbon steel knives.