48 Pattern

#48 Woodcock Bird Hunters

GEC Pocket Knives

(#48 Woodcock Bird Hunters in O.D. Green Linen Micarta)

The #48 Woodcock is a new twist on the popular slim dog leg frame. These knives include a muskrat style clip, similar to the one seen on the improved trapper, and a bird hook. For those unfamiliar with a bird hook, its used for gutting small game fowl. (A more detailed description of its proper use can be found by doing a quick internet search.)

  All these pocket knives will be run under the GEC branding, however, they will be available in both stainless and carbon steels.

Also Available In

Orange Delrin
Exotic Mexican Bocote Wood
O.D. Green Linen Micarta
Burnt Orange Wave Bone (Temp Name)

  The orange delrin versions were the first to ship on July 3rd with the remaining handle options shipping this week 7/7 – 7/11.

  Next up on the schedule will be more #15 Barlows and Boys Knives, Stay Tuned!


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